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UNICEF Young Envoys Programme ‘Survey on Resilience of Secondary School Students’ Results Announcement


Hong Kong, 25 August 2023 — UNICEF Young Envoys conducted an online survey from 22 May to 21 June 21 to explore the mental health conditions of local secondary school students. Findings from 408 valid responses revealed that nearly 30% of students feel uncomfortable removing masks in public even after COVID-19 has subsided. Studies and peer relationships as major causes of mental stress among respondents are also worth our concern.

One-quarter of respondents expressed unwillingness to remove masks in public; 99% said they were under academic pressure.

At Young Envoys 2023 Appointment Ceremony, the results of ‘Survey on Resilience of Secondary School Students’ were announced. One-quarter of surveyed students stated that they would not remove their masks in public due to appearance-related concerns. This could reflect their lack of confidence in appearance, causing them to hide their facial features with masks; while wearing masks for a prolonged period during the pandemic may also have made students more conscious of their overall looks, potentially aggravating appearance anxiety. Besides, a staggering 99% of respondents reported feeling academic pressure, with nearly 90% considering the pressure level to be moderate to high. Another worrying sign is a mere 6.6% of respondents indicating not feeling stressed in the past two weeks. On the other hand, around 30% of respondents mentioned they manage their emotions through participation in extracurricular activities. UNICEF encourages children to engage more in music and arts-related activities to express and relieve emotions. This survey was orchestrated by UNICEF Young Envoys with the aim of raising public awareness of the psychological conditions of secondary school students, fostering greater attention to children's mental health.

Since UNICEF Young Envoys Programme was established by UNICEF HK in 1996, it has endeavoured to provide Hong Kong youngsters with valuable opportunities to explore global and local issues related to children's rights to survival, protection, development and participation. Through this programme, local youth gain insights into the challenges faced by children globally and collaborate with UNICEF HK to enhance children's development. With Nearly 1,400 Young Envoys nurtured to date, the initiative actively shares information about UNICEF and child rights with our community.

Promote child rights and United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3: Good Health and Well-being

This year, 38 Young Envoys were appointed after completing a series of training. Apart from conducting the above survey, they have visited Shenzhen and South Korea to understand child-related works, as well as promoted child rights and United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3: Good Health and Well-being in Hong Kong through community service, social media and microfilm.

Mr. Ivan Chu, Chairman of Advocacy Committee of UNICEF HK, and Mr. Aiguo Wei, Executive Director of AEON Credit Service (Asia) Co. Ltd., presented Certificates of Appointment to accomplished Young Envoys, acknowledging their efforts and achievements over the past year, while encouraging more young people to become child rights advocates and effect positive changes for children and society.

Mr. Ivan Chu remarked, ‘While offline activities are gradually resuming in the post-COVID era, mental health issues left by the pandemic should not be overlooked. The post-COVID psychological condition of children is an important issue. Therefore, this year's Young Envoys' initiatives have revolved around children's mental health, with the hope of raising public awareness.’

Mr. Aiguo Wei commented, ‘After three years of the pandemic, the world is finally returning to normal. I am pleased to see that this year’s Programme has resumed its overseas study tours, allowing Young Envoys to visit South Korea and Shenzhen. Through various exchange activities, they can understand child advocacy and education efforts around the world.’

UNICEF Young Envoys Programme 2023 has drawn to a fruitful close, and recruitment for the next cohort of Young Envoys will begin in early October. Please share the Programme information with youngsters around you and invite them to contribute to society alongside UNICEF HK!

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