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Issues to be addressed:

  1. More and more drug related issues are associated with sex. According to frontline workers, 20 to 25 per cent of youth-at-risk suffer from drug issues and sex issues simultaneously
  2. Drug education with elements of sex education is severely insufficient


Project focus:

helping children affected by drug abuse



  1. To enhance children’s awareness and understandin2012 CDAC (3)g on drug and sex related topics
  2. To empower parents to provide drug and sex education at home
  3. To gear up children to spread anti-drug and health messages to their peers, family members and community members
  4. To advocate the awareness on drug and sex related issues



  1. The project is a new project
  2. P stands for “pilot”. The project is pilot in nature
  3. E stands for “educational”. It aims to pass on knowled2012 CDAC (2)ge regarding drug and sex related topics to children and their parents, help children to develop proper attitudes and skills to protect themselves
  4. A stands for “advocate”. It aims to raise public awareness on the intricate
  5. relationships among drugs, sex and intimate relationships
  6. C stands for “combinative”. It emphasises a blend of drug and sex education
  7. E stands for “ethnicity sensitive”. Its services will be conducted bilingually to ensure that people coming from all ethnic communities can participate



  1. The project reached over 5,546 people.
  2. Forty-four educational programmes were organised in schools with children of ethnic minorities and 4,573 students were reached
  3. Twelve ambassador training sessions were arranged for 184 students aging from 8 to18
  4. Ten training sessions were held for 289 parents
  5. Eighty per cent of children, teachers and parents agree that the programmes helped to increase health awareness, encouraged them to make healthier choices in life and enabled them to learn something new in terms of drug and sex education
  6. Regional mass campaign were held for 500 ethnic minority students and parents
  7. wo newsletters, one parents’ booklet (5,000 copies), leaflet and 7,000 souvenirs carrying anti-drug and health messages were distributed


No. of beneficiaries: 5,046