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Issues to be addressed:

Hong Kong-born children of current or former migrant domestic workers are especially vulnerable as this population is often underserved. Services and support are aimed to assist them in time of acute needs


Project focus:

Serving vulnerable children with diversified needs



To protect vulnerable babies and children from abuse, neglect and abandonment and to provide them with basic necessities and legal support



The project aims to ensure vulnerable babies, born to migrant mothers in Hong Kong, are respected and protected. To help these children, services include:


Crisis intervention by supporting their basic humanitarian needs and rights such as access to healthcare, shelter, clothing, and food;


Legal support;


Working to ensure a permanency plan is established in the child’s best interest.



  1. Supported 22 babies and children through Crisis Intervention
  2. 298 babies and children screened for urgent medical care, including 81 babies and children provided with urgent medical care
  3. Advocated through 21 verbal and written submissions to LegCo and government bureaux as well as 21 publications in local, migrant and international media

No. of beneficiaries: 320