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Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF Ambassador since 2005
Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF Education Ambassador since 2002


Self Photos / Files - Charlie© UNICEF/Charlie



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Miss Charlie Young activities

unicefhk_for-ambassador-01 © UNICEF/unicefhk_for-ambassador-01
2013 – appealed for Ya’an earthquake relief online
2012 – promoted “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF”
2011 – Support the Unite for Children, Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF 25th Anniversary Charity Concert, shared personal field trip experiences
2011 – Film the promotion video of “Inspired Gifts”
2011 – filmed in the promotion video of “Friends of UNICEF” monthly donation programme
2009_Charlie_SiChuan © UNICEF/2009_Charlie_SiChuan
2009 – Visit to Sichuan to examine the humanitarian work one year after a massive earthquake