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Appeal for Children in Dire Distress Across the World


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09 November 2023 UNICEF stands by children in emergencies – no matter where they are.  


An overwhelming number of children are impacted by the devastating earthquakes in Afghanistan and in Nepal, as well as the war in Ukraine and catastrophic conflicts in Israel and State of Palestine. UNICEF is on the ground, doing our best to reach all children in crises by providing immediate humanitarian assistance and protection.


UNICEF has recently delivered almost 240,000 doses of life-saving vaccines for children in Ukraine, 80 tonnes of medical supplies for around 43,000 families in Afghanistan, hygiene and medical supplies for 220,000 people in Gaza, as well as urgent life-saving assistance for over 200,000 people in Nepal.


Yet children and families impacted by the crises are still in critical situations. In Ukraine, 6.3 million children are still in need of humanitarian assistance over 18 months of war. In Afghanistan, an estimated 96,000 children are affected by the earthquakes, thousands of whom are in urgent need of life-saving assistance. In Gaza, over 1 million children have a water crisis, and child deaths – particularly infants - of dehydration are a growing threat. In Nepal, under 1 weeks time, the earthquakes have already claimed 153 lives and injured more than 338 people, with children and families living in constant fear due to continued aftershocks.


Here in Hong Kong, we appeal to the public to support UNICEF’s efforts in saving children in multiple crises and providing the humanitarian assistance they need: Donate Now


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