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UNICEF HK Welcomes the 2024-25 Budget

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29 February 2024, Hong Kong –– Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) welcomes all the initiatives aimed at improving children and youth’s welfare as announced in the 2024-25 Budget by the Financial Secretary today, including setting up 10 more aided standalone child-care centres in phrases to assist working families in childbearing; facilitating youth development; setting aside $680 million to support vocational and professional education and training; strengthening assistance to students with special educational needs; stepping up support for student-exchange activities; promoting green transformation, etc.


These initiatives would not only address the immediate needs of children and youth but also lay the groundwork for their long-term well-being and development through education and upbringing.


Investing in the next generation is investing in our society’s future. UNICEF HK appeals to the Government to further prioritize child-friendly initiatives and integrate the voices, needs, and rights of children into public policies, thus transforming Hong Kong into an exemplary child-friendly city that continues to thrive.