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Sustainable Development Goals eLearn Award Scheme 2023 Prize-Presentation Ceremony For Every Child, a Sustainable Future

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HONG KONG, 27 October 2023 — Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) eLearn Award Scheme 2023 Prize-Presentation Ceremony was held on the 16th of September to commend schools and students for their active participation.

Launched by the Hong Kong Committee of UNICEF (UNICEF HK) in 2022, SDGs eLearn Award Scheme aims to support the realization of United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. By combining online and offline experiences, the programme provides secondary school students with a platform for self-directed learning and practical engagement with SDGs, deepening their understanding of global issues and nurturing their global citizenship.

With an overwhelming response, the programme witnessed over 7,500 students from 93 schools participating, a more than threefold increase from the previous year. While some students created stress-relief videos to promote SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being, others engaged in used clothing collection drives to support SDG 1: No Poverty, thus showing care for the community. They also actively took part in the programme’s carbon reduction actions such as energy-saving at home, plastic-free shopping, and vegetarianism, which demonstrated their commitment to environmental protection and contribution to the sustainability of our world.

During the ceremony, award-winning students and school representatives were also invited to share their experiences in promoting SDGs on their campuses, including how they integrated the concept of sustainable development into curriculum design and encouraged students to practice SDGs in their campus life. Their stories are truly inspiring.

With the enthusiastic support received for the programme this year, UNICEF HK will continue to work closely with our next generation to ensure a sustainable future for every child.