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This is not your general gift card, but a brand new concept with a good cause to add to every valuable moment of yours. With this exceptionally meaningful gift card, you can send your blessings to your beloved or add to your own collection and at the same time support thousands of children in need around the world with UNICEF to save them and protect their childhoods! 

  • Send Your Blessings: write your blessings on the card and send to your beloved or keep it as your own collection
  • Protect Children: cardholder may follow simple steps to allocate the card value online to specific project to support children in need 


Choose the value you want


HKD 100


HKD 250


HKD 500

In 3 simple steps, cardholder can decide where the money goes and provide the specific support to children

Visit the dedicated website and start allocating with UNI CEF Inspired Gifts Card PIN

  • To make sure children are… 
    Protected with vaccines

Select a project to support

  • Receiving quality education
  • Getting enough nutrition

Confirm and review project updates of the donation

  • Protected with shelter
  • Having clean water, proper sanitation and good hygiene

Please purchase UNICEF Inspired Gifts Card at below stores to support children around the world and share your blessings.

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